Argumentative Essay: Should School Be Long?

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Do you think the school year should be longer, well you know what it should because how many days of school do we have you may not know but 180 days.I think school should be long because kids that live in china have 100-900 days of school. If we look at china they have more school than us teenage boys have school for 15hrs so there should be no reason for kids in the U:s to be complaining. The people who are in china get up early and do the same rut-an every single day of the year and wake up at the same time as kids in the U:S which is mainly 7am. But never not only that but they have to work everyday in each class and comes from school and get their homework done. They don 't even have half days nor early release they only get a days off…show more content…
for the most part i think this could help Americans and we can get an advantage over the other countries and be the best if we want this to happen we must gather up and tell the government and hope for the best for our next century and the generation to come you might not worry but your future generation might not make a good career if we don 't do anything about in china kids in high school start school at 7:am and ends at 11:00pm and then start the next day all over so this mean that high school kids in the U:S have only 6to7hrs of school this might explain the reason why a lot of the kids in U:S ore not as academic than in china.On average, teens reported their stress level was 5.8 on 10-point scale, compared with 5.1 for adults. In the article Chinese kids CHINESE VS AMERICA HOURS it shows that all of the country 's time and hours of school around the world and what they do when they get out of the house to leave to school like there transportation. Most of the Chinese kids go on the subway to got to school and other kids go to school by walking way much different than what we have in the us rather than the

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