Students Should Be Allowed To Carry Guns In Public Schools

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Recently there has been a lot of allocution about guns. Some people want to abolish guns, some people want to consolidate the processes of obtaining them, some people want to make it easier, some believe guns should be obscured, some believe they should be allowed to carry openly. It doesn’t matter what you believe the topic is a never-ending discussion. There is one topic that has the state of Texas going crazy. It’s about whether students should be allowed to carry guns on campus. Although there are some people who oppose it, the law was passed and college students will now be allowed to bear guns on campus. Yet there are still a people that campaign against this, and are trying to make things change.
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To the contrary, guns have been banned is school for many years. So this law affects the student community. This new law really got me meditating and deciding whether or no I wanted to support such law really baffled me. There are so many bright sides, yet so many dark sides to both positions. I took a look at the entire picture and found that it was really for the best to let the law pass. This law is going to help solve the problem of “He shot and killed twenty people because nobody else had a gun to fire back.” This problem is major in the United States America, as multiple shootings have occurred. One of the consequences is that now anyone that has a gun can simply kill another person at the school. The law is very clear that only people with a license can carry a gun. To have a license one must be the age of 21. So at this age most people are sophisticated to an adequate extent to do the right thing. For this reason I decided that I was okay with the law being …show more content…

The law has already been passed and there is nothing that can be done about it, but fight for change. Looking at both sides of the story I came to the conclusion that allowing guns on campus is a good thing. Now if anyone decided to barbarically barge into a classroom and shoot people, hopefully someone in the class has a gun to protect others. This law became official just like any other law, it went through both chambers, and got signed by the governor, showing that even he supported it. Without ambiguity this will revise many things in colleges, and universities, but it will change is for the

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