Professional Values That Underpin Nursing Practice

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Within this document, I shall be discussing the professional values that underpin nursing practice, I shall be demonstrating my knowledge of the role of nursing during physically being within that environment and be explaining the importance of family centered care. I will be using the department of health 6c’s and applying them to the care I saw that was provided by myself, and provided by my mentor and evaluating us both and other professionals that I was around whilst caring for the children in my specific case.
The 6c’s include, care, compassion, competence, communication, courage and commitment. The 6c’s were made through the compassion in practice. The 6cs are used in many different health professions such as, nursing, midwifery …show more content…

So, the department of health came up with a new strategy, and claimed it as the “compassion in practice”. This strategy had included the 6Cs, and was finalized and released completely within 2016. “the 6Cs are a set of values for all health and social care staff.” (Lesley Baillie, 2017)
Care is the center of the health professional organizations, and the care that we provide to individuals even as practice nurses does help the individual, and help improve the community’s health also. Care defines nurses and defines their work. Treating them well and with respect etc.
Compassion relates on how we provide our care through relationships, based on empathy, dignity and respect, and can also be seen on how individuals perceive their care.
Competence relates to all individuals in health caring roles need to understand a person’s health and social needs, to be able to deliver the best care and treatments based on evidence and research. …show more content…

This is the comfort theory and was developed by Katherine Kolcaba in the 1990s. I feel this is best linked with my case because, what these two girls have experienced, they haven’t had much comfort with their mother just fear, so I think this would be the best for nurses and other family members to use with these girls because, this is something that is crucially needed by every individuals and if they have gone through neglect, and abuse from their mother, then they will crucially need some sort of

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