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H1a: Destination image online has a positive relation with tourists satisfaction
The most difficult challenges in the hospitality industry is the service quality,tourists retention and maintenance (Dimitriades, 2006). Tourist satisfaction and service quality play a major role in competition among the hospitality organizations in Ghana. According to (Lam, 1999) demand from tourists for quality service and satisfaction are the key components in the tourism competition. Quality services and tourist satisfaction are the main factors that influence business success in the tourism industry. For the past few years quality service and tourists satisfaction gained popularity among hospitality practitioners and researchers around the globe.These concepts
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Despite the fact that tourists satisfaction is a frequent study subject in previous empirical studies, the link between tourists satisfaction and royalty differ among tourism researchers. In the hospitality management industry, the topic of tourists loyalty has gain numerous grounds recently among tourism researchers (Vincent P., Magnini John C. Crotts, Anita Zehrer 2011). In the hotel industry tourists satisfaction leads to tourist loyalty and this leads to gains for the hotel sector. Recent studeies on the hotel sector in Ghana (Ansah, albert kwansah,2012) suggested that most visitors to the Kumasi metropolıtant environment experience satisfaction, adventure and the experience of the unexpected from the destination. As a result, repetition of the service was realized and the word of mouth both verbally and electronically is on the dominance. Tourist satisfaction is a post consumption evaluation approach base on the empirical studies of (Gundersen, M. G., Heide, M. & Olsson, U. H., 1996; Suki, 2012) which states that tourists have to consume products in order to evaluate their satisfaction. This is inline with the studies of (Guzzo, 2010). This advocates that expectation of products before…show more content…
It is extensively acknowledged that the general impression on the images of tourism destination influences the behavior of tourists and impacts their minds in terms of selection of a location to visit. The attributes of destinations and flashy images can have impact on the decision making of tourists (Chen C.,2007;Kim, 2011). Prospective tourists groups and individuals wishing to visit tourists’ destination use information technology to seek reliable information about the destination before making up their minds to finally travel. The presentation of the destination images online can therefore influence the decision of the tourists. Tourists mostly focus on different types of features and characteristics of destinations that sequel their ideas, perceptions and beliefs (Rokhshad Tavakoli, 2015). Previous empirical literature of destination marketing revealed that the image of tourists destinations have several dimensions.The literature noted that there are differences between the perceptions of images by tourists and their behavior towards them. Previous research conducted on photographs such as travel brochures and post cards with beautiful graphical images of destination indicated that attracted many tourists and influenced their decision making towards that destination (Lehto, 2006; Arch G. Woodside Ramos Mir Vicente Mariana Duque, 2011; Law,, 2006). Brochures can be

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