Goldstein Lawson Collection

Collection of art work in the Florida State University (FSU) College of Information Goldstein Library. Art work is by artist Robert Lawson who won Caldecott and Newberry Medals for writing and illustration.


A Biography of Robert Lawson, 1892-1957
A short biography on Robert Lawson that includes a bibliography of the author/illustrator’s works and contributions.


The Classical group includes images that feature human subjects in settings evoking the spirit and revival of common Greco-Roman themes.
Untitled (Boat Ride)Untitled (Cart)Untitled (Hunters)

Untitled (Boat Ride)

A group of revelers spend a leisurely afternoon cruising along the the banks of a river while a village looms in the distance.

Untitled (Cart)

Laden with the fruits of their harvest, a group of youths with an oxen cart make their way through the woods.

Untitled (Hunters)

A group of young hunters hone their skills while a village looks on from the distance.


A common compositional theme throughout several of Lawson’s works in this collection is the contrasting of a small character against a larger, almost imposing background or subject.
The Connoisseurs (Unbekannte Meister)EscapeUntitled (CityShip) – Manhattan

The Connoisseurs (Unbekannte Meister)

Two old gentlemen appraise the small statuette of a formally gowned woman.


Far from the trappings of civilization, an accordian player finds his place.

Untitled (CityShip) - Manhattan

The past and the present come together as an old ship finds its way to the harbor of a modern city.

A MiracleWell – Goodbye 

A Miracle

A group of clergymen stare above in wonder at the sudden appearance of a female figure.

Well - Goodbye

A small figure hesitates with a glance back over the shoulder while at the threshold of a large door.



Images in the Distinct group feature themes or compositional techniques unique to each work.
Peace ConferenceSargasso SeaUntitled (Gnome)

Peace Conference

A group of politicans meet to discuss the terms of peace while the spectres of dead soliders look on.

Sargasso Sea

Derelict ships from another time rest in a watery graveyard.

Untitled (Gnome)

Hidden deep within an ancient wood, a gnome sets to work on his task amid the toadstools.

Untitled (Landscape)Untitled (Pan)

Untitled (Landscape)

Nestled amid a grassy cliffside, two cottages overlook a vast expanse of water.

Untitled (Pan)

A lone satyr plays his pan pipes silhouetted against the light of the full moon while a hidden faerie listens on.


Just as this group’s name suggests, all the images in this set feature the diminutive creature as the main character.
Came the DawnMarley at the ShoreMidnight

Came the Dawn

As the sun rises on the shoreline, a small elf examines a woman’s discarded shoe.

Marley at the Shore

Along the shoreline, an elf complains loudly about the foot caught within a skull’s teeth.


An elf peeks around the edge of an open door for a better look inside.


The images of the Fantasy group feature characters and situations that are just outside of our normal realm of reality.
March of ProgressNew MilkTrial Proof (Castle)

March of Progress

A procession of fairytale creatures trudge sadly away from their home as modern civilization encroaches.

New Milk

A house nestled deep within the woods is soon to receive a group of unexpected fairytale visitors.

Trial Proof (Castle)

A magnificent castle stands proud as a group of nobles return from a productive hunt.


The images included within the Mermaids group feature these watery creatures as the primary focus.
The Merrow Something I Ate, No Doubt

The Merrow

A lone mermaid rests atop a rocky outcropping while gazing out over the sea.


Something I Ate, No Doubt

While out on a walk, an old gentleman is surprised by the sight of a lone mermaid resting amid the waves crashing on the shoreline.


The two works in the Mythology group each feature a popular figure from Greek or Roman Mythology–the Centaur and Diana.
Untitled (Centaur) Untitled113 (Diana)

Untitled (Centaur)

A surprised centaur spies on a young woman strolling casually through a wooded garden.


Untitled113 (Diana)

A young Grecian or Roman woman, armed only with javelins, hunts joyfully through the woods.


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