Digital Storytelling


Digital stories created by students taking INFO780: Storytelling at Drexel University.





Created Spring 2011


In the aftermath of a devastating fire, Diane learns the true meaning of home.


Author: Diane Pauling




"The Meadow’s Disappearing"

Created Spring 2011


Carl has been a farmer all his life. However, life on the farm is changing.


Author: Jennifer Milligan




"A Miracle"

Created Spring 2011


After years of weight gain, Robin vows to change her lifestyle and her life.


Author: Robin Gustafson




"A True Tale of the War of the Worlds Broadcast"

Created Spring 2011


In October 1938, two sisters were listening to the radio. When they heard that a UFO had landed in New Jersey, they thought the world was being attacked by aliens.


Author: Kelsey Matoushek




"Dear Mallorie"

Created Spring 2012


This is a story of how Alison met one of her best friends, Mallorie.


Author: Alison King




"The Adventures of Snowy the Bear"

Created Spring 2012


There once was a little girl who loved stuffed animals…


Author: Tanya Robbins




"Our Babies"

Created Spring 2012


This is a story about a couple and their first baby, and their second baby, and their third baby…


Author: Paul Doherty




"Waiting for my Sister"

Created Spring 2012


A newborn baby looks forward to meeting his big sister.


Author: Megan Mascorro-Jackson




"Immigrating from China"

Created Spring 2012


This is a story about Tiffany’s father, Gong Gong, who emigrated from China to Cuba in 1947.


Author: Tiffany Chow




"My Coco"

Created Winter 2013


A story of friendship that spans several years and several states.


Author: Laura Atwell




"My Story"

Created Winter 2013


Karla tells a story of love, family, and heroism.


Author: Karla Kirby




"Bailey’s Story"

Created Winter 2013


For the love of a dog.


Author: Heather VanTassell






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