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Online resources about the Osage

The Official Web Site of the Osage Tribe
Author: The Osage Tribal Council and The Osage Tribe
Type: tribal
Description: The Osage Tribe’s Official Home Page, including information on their history, museum, and gaming center.

URL: http://www.osagetribe.com/

Patrick Chalfant Online
Author: Chalfant
Type: gensource
Description: Patrick Chaflant’s Official Homepage

URL: http://patrickchalfant.com/

Resource Guide to Records on the Osage Indians
Author: Melodie Sanders
Type: tribal
Description: This genealogy guide for the Osage provides information about how to research both tribal records and white records, why the records are difficult to find and interpret, and suggestions for how to interpret the information.

URL: http://members.aol.com/bbbenge/page16.html

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