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Online resources about the Potawatomi

Citizen Potawotami Nation
Author: Citizen Potawatomi Nation
Type: tribal
Description: Includes news, events, contacts and tribal programs.

URL: http://www.potawatomi.org/

Hannahville Indian Community
Author: Hannahville Indian Community Tribe of Potawatomi Indians
Type: tribal
Description: Official site for the Hannahville Indian Community Tribe of Potawatomi Indians. Includes a tribal history, community news, and tribal government infomration.

URL: http://www.hannahville.com/

Ohio History Central: Potawatomi Indians
Author: Ohio Historical Society
Type: tribal
Description: A brief description of the tribe’s geography, language and history from the Ohio’s Historic Indians site.

URL: http://www.ohiokids.org/ohc/history/h_indian/tribes/potawato.html

Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians
Author: Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians
Type: tribal
Description: Official home page for the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians. Their site includes news information, a history of the band, tribal council web pages, and education/services information.

URL: http://www.pokagon.com/

Potawatomi History by Lee Sultzman
Author: Lee Sultzman
Type: tribal
Description: History of the Potawatomi people by Lee Sultzman from the First Nations website.

URL: http://www.dickshovel.com/pota.html

Potawatomi Tracks: The Ballad of Vietnam and Other Stories
Author: Larry Mitchell
Type: gensource
Description: Booksite of Larry Mitchell’s Potawatomi Tracks.

URL: http://www.potawatomivet.com/index.html

Prairie Band Potawatomi
Author: Prairie Band of Potawatomi
Type: tribal
Description: This official Prairie Band Potawatomi web site includes news, cultural, government and historical information.

URL: http://www.pbpindiantribe.com/

Prairie Band Potawatomi Home Page
Author: Smokey McKinney
Type: tribal
Description: Includes language, history and culture links with audio of the Potawatomi language.

URL: http://www.ukans.edu/~kansite/pbp/homepage.html

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