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A Hidden Life by Autran Dourado

A La Recherche du Temps Perdu by Marcel Proust

Abracadabra by John Robert Colombo

Abram’s Plains by Abram Cary

Absalom, Absalom! by William Faulkner

The Absent City by Ricardo Piglia

An Account, Much Abbreviated, of the Destruction of the Indies by BartolomŽ de Las Casas

Acis and Galatea by John Gay

Ada, or Ardor: A Family Chronicle by Vladimir Nabokov

Adam Bede by George Eliot

Adeline Mowbray by Amelia Opie

Adolphe by Benjamin Constant

The Advent by Anonymous (British: Pre-1500)

The Adventures of David Simple by Sarah Fielding

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain

Aeneid by Virgil

African Laughter: Four Visits to Zimbabwe by Doris Lessing

Agamemnon by Aeschylus

The Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton

Ajax by Sophocles

Albertine Disparue by Marcel Proust

The Alexandria Quartet by Lawrence Durrell

Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

All Souls’ Rising by Madison Smartt Bell

All the King’s Men by Robert Penn Warren

All’s Well That Ends Well by William Shakespeare

Almanac of the Dead by Leslie Marmon Silko

Almost a Woman by Esmeralda Santiago

The Ambassadors by Henry James, Jr.

The American by Henry James, Jr.

American Notes by Charles Dickens

The American Scene by Henry James, Jr.

Americana by Don DeLillo

Amerika by Franz Kafka

El Amigo Manso by Benito Perez Galdos

Amores by Ovid

Amphitryon, or the Two Sosias by John Dryden

Ana Historic by Daphne Marlatt

Anabasis by Xenophon

And No Man’s Wit by Dame Rose Macaulay

And Yet They Paused by Georgia Douglas Johnson

Andromache by Euripides

Angela’s Ashes by Frank McCourt

Angels and Insects by A.S. Byatt

Animal Farm by George Orwell

Anna Karenina by Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy

Another Country by James Baldwin

Anthills of the Savannah by Chinua Achebe

Antigone by Sophocles

Antigone’s Flaw by Patricia M. Lines

The Antiquary by Sir Walter Scott

Antony and Cleopatra by William Shakespeare

Apologia by Lucius Apuleius

Apology by Plato

The Apple in the Dark by Clarice Lispector

La Araucana by Alonso de Ercilla y Zúñiga

The Arcadian Novels by C. S. Lewis

Areopagitica by John Milton

Argentina in Pieces by Ricardo Piglia

Ariel by Sylvia Plath

Arrow of God by Chinua Achebe

Ars Amatoria by Ovid

The Art Lover by Carole Maso

The Art of Preserving Health by John Armstrong

The Art of War by Niccolo Machiavelli

The Arte of English Poesie by George Puttenham

Arthur Mervyn by Charles Brockden Brown

Artificial Respiration by Ricardo Piglia

As For Me and My House by Sinclair Ross

As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner

As You Like It by William Shakespeare

Assumed Name by Ricardo Piglia

Astrophil and Stella by Sir Philip Sidney

At Swim-Two-Birds by Flann O’Brien

Atala by Francois-Rene Chateaubriand

An Atlas of the Difficult World : Poems 1988-1991 by Adrienne Rich

Auf dem Weg nach Tabou: Texte 1990 Ð 1994 (Parting from Phantoms : Selected Writings, 1990-1994) by Christa Wolf

Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter by Mario Vargas Llosa

Aurora Leigh by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

The Autobiography of Alice B. Toklas by Gertrude Stein

L’Avare by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere

The Avignon Quintet by Lawrence Durrell

The Awakening by Kate Chopin

Aziyade by Pierre Loti

Babel Tower by A.S. Byatt

Bacchae by Euripides

Bailey’s Cafe by Gloria Naylor

Ballad of Sad Cafe by Carson McCullers

Barbara of the House of Grebe by Thomas Hardy

Bartholomew Fair by Ben Jonson

The Bass Saxophone by Josef Skvorecky

Bastard Out of Carolina by Dorothy Allison

Baumgartner’s Bombay by Anita Desai

Beautiful Losers by Leonard Cohen

The Beggar’s Opera by John Gay

The Beginning Place by Ursula K. Le Guin

Behind the Veil: A Poem by James De Mille

Belinda by Maria Edgeworth

Beloved by Toni Morrison

A Bend in the River by V.S. Naipaul

Benito Cereno by Herman Melville

Beowulf by Anonymous (British: Pre-1500)

Between the Acts by Virginia Woolf

Beyond Belief: Islamic Excursions Among the Converted Peoples by V.S. Naipaul

Beyond Even Faithful Legends by Bill Bissett

Bhagavad Gita by Anonymous (International: Pre-1500)

The Big Sea by Langston Hughes

The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler

Les Bijoux Indiscrets by Denis Diderot

A Bill to be Passed by Georgia Douglas Johnson

Billy Budd by Herman Melville

Birds by Aristophanes

The Birds by

Black and Blue by Anna Quindlen

Black Boy by Richard Wright

The Black Dwarf by Sir Walter Scott

Black Elk Speaks by John G. Neihardt

Les Blancs by Lorraine Hansberry

Bleak House by Charles Dickens

The Blithedale Romance by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Bluebeard by Kurt Vonnegut

The Bluest Eye by Toni Morrison

The Bonfire of the Vanities by Tom Wolfe

The Book of Songs by Confucius

The Book of the Long Sun by Gene Wolfe

The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe

The Bostonians; a novel by Henry James, Jr.

A Boy’s Own Story by Edmund White

The Boys from Brazil by Ira Levin

The Boys on the Rock by John Fox

Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

Breakfast at Tiffany’s by Truman Capote

The Bride of Texas by Josef Skvorecky

The Bridge of Beyond by Simone Schwarz-Bart

Brief Forms by Ricardo Piglia

The Brothers by Louisa May Alcott

The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson

Brown Girl, Brownstones by Paule Marshall

Bug-Jargal by Victor Hugo

Cactus Thorn by Mary Austin

Caleb Williams by William Godwin

Caligula by Albert Camus

The Call of the Wild by Jack London

Cambridge by Caryl Phillips

Can You Forgive Her? by Anthony Trollope

The Cancer Ward by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Cane by Jean Toomer

Cannery Row by John Steinbeck

Canopus in Argos: Archives by Doris Lessing

The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

A Canticle for Leibowitz by Walter M. Miller, Jr.

Cape Cod by Henry David Thoreau

Captain Pantoja and the Special Service by Mario Vargas Llosa

Captain Singleton by Daniel Defoe

Carm by Horace

Carmen by Prosper Merimee

A Case of Conscience by James Blish

Castle Rackrent by Maria Edgeworth

Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

The Catcher in the Rye by J. D. Salinger

Catchpenny Poems by David Helwig

Cato by Joseph Addison

The Cenci by P. B. Shelley

Ceremony by Leslie Marmon Silko

The Chaneysville Incident by David Bradley, Jr.

The Changeling by Thomas Middleton & William Rowley

Changing Places by David Lodge

Charles W. Chesnutt: Essays and Speeches by Charles W. Chesnutt

Charlotte Temple by Susanna Rowson

Chatterton by Peter Ackroyd

Le Chef-d’Oeuvre Inconnu by Honore de Balzac

A Child’s Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson

Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage by Lord George Byron

Childe Roland by Robert Browning

Chills and Fever by John Crowe Ransom

The Chimes: A Goblin Story by Charles Dickens

Chinese Magic by Algernon Blackwood

A Choice of Hashmi’s Verse by Alamgir Hashmi

Christabel by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

On Christian Doctrine by St. Augustine

On Christian Doctrine by John Milton

Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Chuang-tzu by Chuang-tzu

The Cider House Rules by John Irving

The Circular Ruins by Jorge Luis Borges

Cities of the Red Night by William S. Burroughs

City of Glass by Paul Auster

City of God by St. Augustine

Clarissa by Samuel Richardson

Clear Light of Day by Anita Desai

Clock without Hands by Carson McCullers

Clotel; or, The President’s Daughter by William Wells Brown

The Clouds by Aristophanes

Collected Essays of Alexander Pope by Alexander Pope

Collected Essays of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe

Collected Essays of Francis Bacon by Sir Francis Bacon

Collected Essays of Hamlin Garland by Hamlin Garland

Collected Essays of Herman Melville by Herman Melville

Collected Essays of John Milton by John Milton

Collected Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson by Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Collected Essays, Journalism and Letters of George Orwell by George Orwell

Collected Letters of Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson

Collected Plays of Samuel Beckett by Samuel Beckett

Collected Poems and Sonnets of William Shakespeare by William Shakespeare

Collected Poems of Allen Ginsberg by Allen Ginsberg

Collected Poems of Andrew Marvell by Andrew Marvell

Collected Poems of Anna Barbauld by Anna Laetitia Barbauld

Collected Poems of Aphra Behn by Aphra Behn

Collected Poems of Charles Baudelaire by Charles Baudelaire

Collected Poems of Clé Marot by Clément Marot

Collected Poems of Craig Raine by Craig Raine

Collected Poems of Derek Mahon by Derek Mahon

Collected Poems of E. J. Pratt by E. J. Pratt

Collected Poems of Earle Birney by Earle Birney

Collected Poems of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe

Collected Poems of Elizabeth Barrett Browning by Elizabeth Barrett Browning

Collected Poems of Emily Dickinson by Emily Dickinson

Collected Poems of Gerard de Nerval by Gerard de Nerval

Collected Poems of Gertrude Stein by Gertrude Stein

Collected Poems of Jerome Rothenberg by Jerome Rothenberg

Collected Poems of John Ashbery by John Ashbery

Collected Poems of John Donne by John Donne

Collected Poems of John Glassco by John Glassco

Collected Poems of John Keats by John Keats

Collected Poems of John Milton by John Milton

Collected Poems of Juan Ramon Jimenez by Juan Ram—n JimŽnez

Collected Poems of Mary Darby Robinson by Mary Darby Robinson

Collected Poems of Maya Angelou by Maya Angelou

Collected Poems of P. K. Page by P. K. Page

Collected Poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley by P. B. Shelley

Collected Poems of Rainer Maria Rilke by Rainer Maria Rilke

Collected Poems of Robert Browning by Robert Browning

Collected Poems of Rudyard Kipling by Rudyard Kipling

Collected Poems of Stephane Mallarme by StŽphane MallarmŽ

Collected Poems of Sylvia Plath by Sylvia Plath

Collected Poems of T. S. Eliot by T. S. Eliot

Collected Poems of Tennyson by Lord Alfred Tennyson

Collected Poems of W. H. Auden by W. H. Auden

Collected Poems of William Blake by William Blake

Collected Poems of William Butler Yeats by William Butler Yeats

Collected Poems of William Wordsworth by William Wordsworth

Collected Poetry of George Byron by Lord George Byron

Collected Poetry of Margaret Atwood by Margaret Atwood

Collected Poetry of Pierre de Ronsard by Pierre de Ronsard

Collected Poetry of Ralph Waldo Emerson by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Collected Poetry of Seamus Heaney by Seamus Heaney

Collected Songs of Leonard Cohen by Leonard Cohen

Collected Stories of Charles Dickens by Charles Dickens

Collected Stories of Dorothy Parker by Dorothy Parker

Collected Stories of E. Nesbit by E. Nesbit

Collected Stories of Edgar Allan Poe by Edgar Allan Poe

Collected Stories of Elizabeth Stoddard by Elizabeth Stoddard

Collected Stories of Ernest Hemingway by Ernest Miller Hemingway

Collected Stories of Eudora Welty by Eudora Welty

Collected Stories of Flannery O’Connor by Flannery O’Connor

Collected Stories of Fyodor Dostoevsky by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Collected Stories of Gertrude Stein by Gertrude Stein

Collected Stories of Guy de Maupassant by Guy de Maupassant

Collected Stories of Herman Melville by Herman Melville

Collected Stories of Italo Calvino by Italo Calvino

Collected Stories of James Joyce by James Joyce

Collected Stories of Jean-Paul Sartre by Jean-Paul Sartre

Collected Stories of Jorge Luis Borges by Jorge Luis Borges

Collected Stories of Joseph Conrad by Joseph Conrad

Collected Stories of Kate Chopin by Kate Chopin

Collected Stories of Katherine Mansfield by Katherine Mansfield

Collected Stories of Louise May Alcott by Louisa May Alcott

Collected Stories of Margaret Atwood by Margaret Atwood

Collected Stories of Mary Shelley by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Collected Stories of Nathaniel Hawthorne by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Collected Stories of Paule Marshall by Paule Marshall

Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick by

Collected Stories of Prosper Merimee by Prosper Merimee

Collected Stories of Samuel Beckett by Samuel Beckett

Collected Stories of Sarah Orne Jewett by Sarah Orne Jewett

Collected Stories of Vladimir Nabokov by Vladimir Nabokov

Collected Stories of Willa Cather by Willa Cather

Collected Stories of William Faulkner by William Faulkner

The Collected Works of Billy the Kid by Michael Ondaatje

Colonel Jack by Daniel Defoe

The Color Purple by Alice Walker

The Comedy of Errors by William Shakespeare

The Comforts of Madness by Paul Sayer

Coming Through Slaughter by Michael Ondaatje

The Commitments by Roddy Doyle

Commonwealth Literature: An Essay towards the Re-definition of a Popular/Counter Culture by Alamgir Hashmi

Comus by John Milton

La Confession by Jules Janin

Confessions by St. Augustine

Confessions by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Confessions of a Mask by Yukio Mishima

The Congo by Vachel Lindsay

The Conjure Woman by Charles W. Chesnutt

A Connecticut Yankee at King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain

The Conspirators by Alexandre Dumas

Contending Forces: A Romance Illustrative of Negro Life North and South by Pauline Hopkins

On Continence by St. Augustine

The Conversations at Curlow Creek by David Malouf

The Coquette by Hannah Webster Foster

Coriolanus by William Shakespeare

Corregidora by Gayl Jones

The Cosmic Puppets by

The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas

A Country Doctor by Sarah Orne Jewett

A Country Doctor by Franz Kafka

The Country of the Pointed Firs by Sarah Orne Jewett

La Cousine Bette by Honore de Balzac

The Cowards by Josef Skvorecky

Cracking India by Bapsi Sidhwa

Cranford by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Crick, Crack, Monkey by Merle Hodge

Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Criticism and Fiction by Ricardo Piglia

The Crucible by Arthur Miller

The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon

Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson

Curculio by Plautus

In Custody by Anita Desai

The Custom of the Country by Edith Wharton

Cymbeline by William Shakespeare

Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami

Dancing After Hours by Andre Dubus

Daniel Deronda by George Eliot

Daniel Deronda by George Eliot

Daniel Martin by John Fowles

The Darker Face of the Earth by Rita Dove

Daughter of Fortune by Isabel Allende

Daughters by Paule Marshall

Daughters of the House by Michele Roberts

David Copperfield by Charles Dickens

The Day of the Locust by Nathanael West

The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham

The Dead by Jorge Luis Borges

A Death in the Family by James Agee

Death in Venice by Thomas Mann

Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

Debut et Fin de la Neige by Yves Bonnefoy

The Decameron by Giovanni Boccaccio

Defence of Poetry by P. B. Shelley

The Defense by Vladimir Nabokov

Defenseless by Amanda B. Labarca

Delta Wedding by Eudora Welty

Der geteilte Himmel (Divided Heaven) by Christa Wolf

Despair by Vladimir Nabokov

Les Deux Etendards by Lucien Rebatet

The Devil’s Dictionary by Ambrose Bierce

The Devils, or The Possessed by Fyodor Dostoevsky

The Dharma Bums by Jack Kerouac

The Diamond Age: Or, A Young Lady’s Illustrated Primer by Neal Stephenson

Dickon by Elizabeth Mackintosh

Dictee by Theresa Hak Kyung Cha

Dictionary of the Novel of Macedonio Fern‡ndez by Ricardo Piglia

Die Dimension des Autors (The Author’s Dimension: Selected Essays) by Christa Wolf

The Difference Engine by William Gibson & Bruce Sterling

Dionysiaca by Nonnus of Panopolis

The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin

On Divination by Marcus Tullius Cicero

The Divine Comedy [Comedia Divina] by Dante Alighieri

Divine Poems by Edmund Waller

Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? by

Doctor Faustus by Christopher Marlowe

The Doctrine and Discipline of Divorce by John Milton

The Doll by Algernon Blackwood

Dombey and Son by Charles Dickens

Don Juan by Lord George Byron

Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes

Dona Flor and her Two Husbands by Jorge Amado

The Double by Fyodor Dostoevsky

Dracula by Bram Stoker

The Dunciad by Alexander Pope

Dune by Frank Herbert

Dust Tracks on a Road by Zora Neale Hurston

Dusty Answer by Rosamond Nina Lehman

On Duties by Marcus Tullius Cicero

Dvorak in Love by Josef Skvorecky

The Earthsea Trilogy by Ursula K. Le Guin

East of Eden by John Steinbeck

East West by Salman Rushdie

The Ebony Tower by John Fowles

Eclogues by Virgil

Edgar Huntly by Charles Brockden Brown

Edward and God by Milan Kundera

Edward II by Christopher Marlowe

Ein Tag im Jahr 1960-2000 (One Day a Year 1960-2000) by Christa Wolf

Einstein’s Dreams by Alan P. Lightman

Electra by Sophocles

Elementals: Stories of Fire and Ice by A.S. Byatt

The Elephant Vanishes by Haruki Murakami

Elia by Charles Lamb

Elsie Venner: A Romance of Destiny by Oliver Wendell Holmes

The Emigrant, and Other Poems by Alexander McLachlan

Emma by Jane Austen

Empedocles on Etna by Matthew Arnold

Encomium of Helen by Gorgias of Leontini

The End of the Affair by Graham Greene

The Engineer of Human Souls by Josef Skvorecky

The English Patient by Michael Ondaatje

The Enigma of Arrival by V.S. Naipaul

Entrada Libre by Ines Malinow

The Epic of Gilgamesh by Anonymous (International: Pre-1500)

Epithalamion by Edmund Spenser

The Errancy by Jorie Graham

Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton

L’Etourdi by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere

Eugene Onegin by Aleksandr Sergeevich Pushkin

Eumenides by Aeschylus

Eva Luna by Isabel Allende

Evangeline: A Tale of Acadie by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Evelina by Frances Burney

Every Man Out of His Humour by Ben Jonson

Everyman by Anonymous (British: Pre-1500)

The Expedition of Humphry Clinker by Tobias George Smollett

Extra Innings by Raymond Souster

The Eye-Beaters, Blood, Victory, Madness, Buckhead and Mercy by James Dickey

Fables by Marie de France

The Faerie Queene by Edmund Spenser

Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Fair and Tender Ladies by Lee Smith

Fairy Tales of George MacDonald by George MacDonald

The Fall by Albert Camus

The Fall of Robespierre by Samuel Taylor Coleridge & Robert Southey

Family Ties by Clarice Lispector

Fanny Hill; or, Memoirs of a Woman of Pleasure by John Cleland

A Farewell to Arms by Ernest Miller Hemingway

Faust by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Felix Holt the Radical by George Eliot

The Female American, or the Extraordinary Adventures of Unca Eliza Winkfield, Compiled by Herself by Unca Eliza Winkfield

The Female Quixote by Charlotte Lennox

Fences by August Wilson

Finnegans Wake by James Joyce

Fire and Cloud by Richard Wright

First Hate by Algernon Blackwood

The First Man by Albert Camus

First Men in the Moon by H. G. Wells

A Fish in the Water: A Memoir by Mario Vargas Llosa

The Flaming Sword by Thomas Dixon

The Florentine Histories by Niccolo Machiavelli

Flow My Tears, The Policeman Said by

Flowers for Hitler by Leonard Cohen

Fools by Pat Cadigan

For Whom the Bell Tolls by Ernest Miller Hemingway

The Fortunate Mistress by Daniel Defoe

The Fortunes of Richard Mahony by Henry Handel Richardson

Foucault’s Pendulum by Umberto Eco

The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov

Four Saints in Three Acts by Gertrude Stein

Les Fourberies de Scapin by Jean-Baptiste Poquelin Moliere

The Fox by D. H. Lawrence

Fra Lippo Lippi by Robert Browning

Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Franny and Zooey by J. D. Salinger

Frederic and Elfrida by Jane Austen

The Free Choice of the Will by St. Augustine

The French Historie by Anne Dowriche

The French Lieutenant’s Woman by John Fowles

The French Revolution by Thomas Carlyle

Friend of My Youth by Alice Munro

The Frogs by Aristophanes

Galapagos by Kurt Vonnegut

Galáxias by Haroldo de Campos

A Game of Chess by Thomas Middleton

The Garden of Eden by Ernest Miller Hemingway

The Garden Party and Other Stories by Katherine Mansfield

Gardens in the Dunes by Leslie Marmon Silko

Gargantua by Francois Rabelais

The Gates Ajar by S. Weir Mitchell

The Gates of Ivory by Margaret Drabble

The General in His Labyrinth by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

The Georgics by Virgil

The Ghost and Mrs. Muir by Josephine Aimee Campbell Leslie

The Gilded Age by Mark Twain

Go Down, Moses by William Faulkner

God dies by the Nile by Nawal El Saadawi

The God’s Script by Jorge Luis Borges

The Golden Bowl by Henry James, Jr.

The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing

The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Gravity’s Rainbow by Thomas Pynchon

Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King

Green Hills of Africa by Ernest Miller Hemingway

The Green Knight by Iris Murdoch

The Green Mile by Stephen King

Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift

Gunslinger by Edward Dorn

Gut Symmetries by Jeanette Winterson

Guy Rivers by William Gilmore Simms

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

The Hamlet by William Faulkner

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

Hard-Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World by Haruki Murakami

Haroun and the Sea of Stories by Salman Rushdie

The Hasty Pudding by Joel Barlow

Hath Not a Jew… by A. M. Klein

A Hazard of New Fortunes by William Dean Howells

Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad

The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter by Carson McCullers

The Heart of Mid-lothian by Sir Walter Scott

Heaven’s My Destination by Thornton Wilder

Heavy Water and Other Stories by Martin Amis

Helen by Isocrates

Hellenica by Xenophon

Henry IV, Part I by William Shakespeare

Henry IV, Part 2 by William Shakespeare

Henry V by William Shakespeare

Henry VI, Part 1 by William Shakespeare

Henry VI, Part 2 by William Shakespeare

Henry VI, Part 3 by William Shakespeare

Henry VIII by William Shakespeare

Herland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Die Hermannsschlacht by Heinrich von Kleist

Heroides by Ovid

Highways to a War by Christopher J. Koch

The Hind and the Panther by John Dryden

Hippolytus by Euripides

Histories by Thucydides

The History of Antonio and Mellida by John Marston

The History of Britain by John Milton

The History of the Life of the Late Mr. Jonathan Wild the Great by Henry Fielding

The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling by Henry Fielding

The Hitchhiking Game by Milan Kundera

The Hobbit; Or, There and Back Again by J. R. R. Tolkien

La Hojarasca by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Holyhead Journal by Jonathan Swift

The Honest Whore by Thomas Dekker

Hope Leslie by Catharine Maria Sedgwick

Hopscotch by Julio Cortazar

The House at Pooh Corner by A. A. Milne

House Made of Dawn by N. Scott Momaday

The House of Fame by Geoffrey Chaucer

The House of Mirth by Edith Wharton

House of Sand and Fog by Andre Dubus III

The House of the Dead by Fyodor Dostoevsky

The House of the Seven Gables by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende

The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros

Housekeeping by Marilynne Robinson

Howards End by E. M. Forster

Hudson’s Statue by Thomas Carlyle

The Human Stain by Philip Roth

The Hunger Artist by Franz Kafka

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou

I-Ching by Duke Zhou, Confucius & Fu Hsi

Identity by Milan Kundera

The Ides of March by Thornton Wilder

The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoevsky

If You Had Three Husbands by Gertrude Stein

The Iliad by Homer

Immortality by Milan Kundera

An Imperative Duty by William Dean Howells

The Imported Bridegroom by Abraham Cahan

The Impressions of a Cousin by Henry James, Jr.

In a Free State by V.S. Naipaul

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

In Defense of the Indians: The Defense of the Most Reverend Lord, Don Fray Bartolome De Las Casas, of the Order of Preachers, Late Bishop of Chiapa by BartolomŽ de Las Casas

In Dubious Battle by John Steinbeck

In Love and Trouble by Alice Walker

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl by Harriet Jacobs

The Information by Martin Amis

The Innocents Abroad; or, The New Pilgrims’ Progress by Mark Twain

Inside by Helene Cixous

The Intruder by Jorge Luis Borges

Intruder in the Dust by William Faulkner

The Invasion by Ricardo Piglia

Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison

Iola Leroy; or, Shadows Uplifted by Frances E. W. Harper

Ion by Euripides

The Iron Tracks by Aharon Appelfeld

Island by Aldous Huxley

Islands in the Stream by Ernest Miller Hemingway

It Was Foretold by the Sorceror by Myriam Warner-Vieyra

The Italian, or the Confessional of the Black Penitents by Ann Radcliffe

Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott

J R by William Gaddis

Jack Maggs by Peter Carey

Jackson’s Dilemma by Iris Murdoch

Jacques le Fataliste et Son Maître by Denis Diderot

Jamaica by Andrew Salkey

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

Jasmine by Bharati Mukherjee

Jazz by Toni Morrison

A Jest of God by Margaret Laurence

The Jew of Malta by Christopher Marlowe

Joe by Larry Brown

John Brown: The Making of a Martyr by Robert Penn Warren

John Silence by Algernon Blackwood

The Joke by Milan Kundera

Jonah’s Gourd Vine by Zora Neale Hurston

Joseph Andrews by Henry Fielding

Journal of a Voyage to Lisbon by Henry Fielding

A Journal of the Plague Year by Daniel Defoe

The Journals of Susanna Moodie by Margaret Atwood

Journey to Ithaca by Anita Desai

Journey to the Centre of the Earth by Jules Verne

The Joy Luck Club by Amy Tan

The Joys of Motherhood by Buchi Emecheta

Jude the Obscure by Thomas Hardy

The Judgement by Franz Kafka

Juletane by Myriam Warner-Vieyra

Julie ou la Nouvelle Heloise by Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

July’s People by Nadine Gordimer

Jump, and Other Stories by Nadine Gordimer

Juneteenth by Ralph Ellison

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling

Just An Ordinary Day by Shirley Jackson

Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling

Kafka on the Shore by

The Kandy-Colored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby by Tom Wolfe

Kassandra (Cassandra: A Novel and Four Essays) by Christa Wolf

Kein Ort, Nirgends (No Place on Earth) by Christa Wolf

Kim by Rudyard Kipling

Kindheitsmuster (A Model Childhood: Patterns of Childhood) by Christa Wolf

King John by William Shakespeare

King John by John Bale

King Lear by William Shakespeare

Kiss of the Spider Woman by Manuel Puig

Kneeknock Rise by Natalie Babbitt

Kubla Khan by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Laches by Plato

The Lais of Marie de France by Marie de France

Lasselia; or, The Self-Abandon’d by Eliza Haywood

The Last Man by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

The Last of the Mohicans by James Fenimore Cooper

The Last Reader by Ricardo Piglia

The Last Voyage and Other Stories by James Hanley

The Lathe of Heaven by Ursula K. Le Guin

The Lawyer by George Watterston

Leaves of Grass by Walt Whitman

The Left Hand of Darkness by Ursula K. Le Guin

Legend of Lucrece by Geoffrey Chaucer

Leibhaftig (In the Flesh) by Christa Wolf

Lettere d’Una Peruviana by Mme de (Francoise d’Issembourg d’Happoncourt) Grafigny

Letters From Iceland by W. H. Auden

Lettres d’un Voyageur by George Sand

Lettres Persanes by Baron Charles de Secondat Montesquieu

Lettres Portugaises by Vicomte de Gabriel Joseph de Lavergne Guilleragues

Leviathan by Thomas Hobbes

The Libation Bearers by Aeschylus

Libra by Don DeLillo

The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby by Charles Dickens

The Life and Adventures of Robinson Crusoe by Daniel Defoe

Life and Times of Michael K by J. M. Coetzee

Life in the Iron Mills by Rebecca Harding Davis

The Life of Castruccio Castracani of Lucca by Niccolo Machiavelli

Life on the Mississippi by Mark Twain

Lifeboat Drill by Tennessee Williams

Light in August by William Faulkner

Lilith, a Romance by George MacDonald

The Linwoods by Catharine Maria Sedgwick

Little Dorrit by Charles Dickens

Little Women by Louisa May Alcott

The Lives of Cleopatra and Octavia by Sarah Fielding

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov

The London Merchant by George Lillo

The Long Dream by Richard Wright

The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler

The Long Valley by John Steinbeck

Looking Through Glass by Mukul Kesavan

The Loom by Robert Kelly

Lord Jim by Joseph Conrad

Lord of the Flies by Sir William Golding

The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien

Lorenzaccio by Alfred de Musset

The Lost Valley and Other Stories by Algernon Blackwood

The Lottery by Shirley Jackson

Love and Freindship by Jane Austen

Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Love Letters Between a Nobleman and His Sister by Aphra Behn

Love Medicine by Louise Erdrich

Love’s Metamorphosis by John Lyly

Low Tide on Grand Pré: A Book of Lyrics by Bliss Carman

Lycidas by John Milton

Lyrical Ballads by William Wordsworth & Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Lyrics of Earth by Archibald Lampman

Lysistrata by Aristophanes

MacBeth by William Shakespeare

The Machine Stops by E. M. Forster

Madame Bovary by Gustave Flaubert

Mademoiselle de Maupin by Theophile Gautier

The Magus by John Fowles

Mahabharata by Anonymous (International: Pre-1500)

Making Cocoa for Kingsley Amis by Wendy Cope

Mama Day by Gloria Naylor

A Man Called Horse by Dorothy M. Johnson

A Man in Full by Tom Wolfe

The Man in the High Castle by

The Man of Feeling by Henry MacKenzie

A Man of the People by Chinua Achebe

The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance by Dorothy M. Johnson

The Man Who Was Late by Louis Begley

The Man with Seven Toes by Michael Ondaatje

Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

Mao II by Don DeLillo

The Marble Faun by Nathaniel Hawthorne

The Marriage of Heaven and Hell by William Blake

The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury

Martin Faber by William Gilmore Simms

Maru by Bessie Head

Mary Barton by Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell

Mason and Dixon by Thomas Pynchon

The Massacre at Paris by Christopher Marlowe

The Master and Margarita by Mikhail Afanasievich Bulgakov

Match to Flame: The Fictional Paths to Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

Mathilda by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Measure for Measure by William Shakespeare

Medea by Euripides

Medea (Medea: A Modern Retelling) by Christa Wolf

Melville’s Marginalia by Susan Howe

Member of the Wedding by Carson McCullers

Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden

Memoirs of Montparnasse by John Glassco

The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare

Mercian Hymns by Geoffrey Hill

The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood by Howard Pyle

The Merry Wives of Windsor by William Shakespeare

Metamorphoses by Ovid

The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

Metaphysics as a Guide to Morals: Philosophical Reflections by Iris Murdoch

Les Meteores by Michel Tournier

Michaelmas Term by Thomas Middleton

Middle Passage by Charles Johnson

The Middleman and Other Stories by Bharati Mukherjee

Middlemarch: a Study of Provincial Life by George Eliot

Midnight Robber by Nalo Hopkinson

Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare

The Mill on the Floss by George Eliot

Milton by William Blake

Mindplayers by Pat Cadigan

The Ministry of Fear by Graham Greene

Minty Alley by C.L.R. James

Miracles de Nostre Dame by Gautier de Coinci

Misery by Stephen King

Moby Dick or the Whale by Herman Melville

A Modern Instance by William Dean Howells

Moll Flanders by Daniel Defoe

Money to Burn by Ricardo Piglia

Money: A Suicide Note by Martin Amis

The Monk by M. G. Lewis

The Monster by Stephen Crane

The Moon and Sixpence by W. Somerset Maugham

The Moons of Jupiter by Alice Munro

The Moor’s Last Sigh by Salman Rushdie

Moral Tales by Ricardo Piglia

The Morgesons by Elizabeth Stoddard

Le Morte d’Arthur by Sir Thomas Malory

Mother Night by Kurt Vonnegut

A Moveable Feast by Ernest Miller Hemingway

Mr. Sammler’s Planet by Saul Bellow

Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare

Mules and Men by Zora Neale Hurston

The Murder of Albert Einstein by Todd Gitlin

My Antonia by Willa Cather

My Brilliant Career by Miles Franklin

My Life by Lyn Hejinian

My Second in Kentucky: Poems by Alamgir Hashmi

Myself When Young by Henry Handel Richardson

The Mysteries of Udolpho by Ann Radcliffe

The Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories by Mark Twain

The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens

The Myth of Sisyphus by Albert Camus

Nachdenken Ÿber Christa T. (The Quest for Christa T.) by Christa Wolf

Naked Lunch by William S. Burroughs

Native Son by Richard Wright

A Natural History of Southwestern Ontario by Christopher Dewdney

Nazarín by Benito Perez Galdos

Neither This Time/nor That Place: Poems by Alamgir Hashmi

Nervous Conditions by Tsitsi Dangarembga

Neuromancer by William Gibson

A New England Tale by Catharine Maria Sedgwick

The New Moon’s Arms by Nalo Hopkinson

The New Penelope by Frances Fuller Victor

Night and Day by Virginia Woolf

Night Train by Martin Amis

Nightwood by Djuna Barnes

Nine Stories by J. D. Salinger

1984 by George Orwell

No Longer At Ease by Chinua Achebe

Les Noces d’Herodiade by StŽphane MallarmŽ

None to Accompany Me by Nadine Gordimer

North of Summer: Poems from Baffin Island by Al Purdy

Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen

Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami

Nostromo by Joseph Conrad

Notebook 1967-68 by Robert Lowell, Jr.

Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky

O Pioneers! by Willa Cather

The Oak and the Calf by Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

Obermann by Etienne Pivert de Senancour

Ode on a Grecian Urn by John Keats

Odes by Horace

The Odyssey by Homer

Oedipus the King by Sophocles

Of Love and Shadows by Isabel Allende

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck

Of One Blood; or, the Hidden Self by Pauline Hopkins

The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Miller Hemingway

The Old Manor House by

Old Spookses’ Pass, Malcolm’s Katie and Other Poems by Isabella Valancy Crawford

Oleanna by David Mamet

Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens

On the Nature of the Universe by Lucretius

On the Road by Jack Kerouac

One Dark Body by Charlotte Watson Sherman

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey

One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Operation Shylock by Philip Roth

Optimist’s Daughter by Eudora Welty

De Oratore by Marcus Tullius Cicero

Oresteia by Aeschylus

Orlando Furioso by Ludovico Ariosto

Orlando: A Biography by Virginia Woolf

Orley Farm by Anthony Trollope

Oroonoko; or, the Royal Slave by Aphra Behn

Orphans by Lyle Kessler

Othello by William Shakespeare

Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote

Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens

Oxherding Tale by Charles Johnson

Oxota by Lyn Hejinian

Le Père Goriot by Honore de Balzac

Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha by Roddy Doyle

Pakistani Literature: The Contemporary English Writers by Alamgir Hashmi

Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

Pamela by Samuel Richardson

The Parable of the Sower by Octavia E. Butler

Paradise by Toni Morrison

Paradise Lost by John Milton

Paradise Regained by John Milton

Parallel Lives by Plutarch

Paraphrase of the Holy Gospel of John by Nonnus of Panopolis

Paris in the 20th Century by Jules Verne

The Parliament of Fowles by Geoffrey Chaucer

Le Parti Pris des Choses by Francis Ponge

A Passage to India by E. M. Forster

Passing by Nella Larsen

The Passion by Jeanette Winterson

The Pastures of Heaven by John Steinbeck

Paula by Isabel Allende

Peer Gynt by Henrik Ibsen

The Peloponnesian War by Thucydides

Pembroke by Mary Wilkins Freeman

In the Penal Colony by Franz Kafka

Pericles by William Shakespeare

Perpetual Prison by Ricardo Piglia

Persians by Aeschylus

Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc by Mark Twain

Persuasion by Jane Austen

Phainomena by Solensis Aratus

Phantastes: A Faerie Romance for Men and Women by George MacDonald

Philoctetes by Sophocles

Philus by Marcus Tullius Cicero

Phoenician Women by Euripides

The Phoenix by Thomas Middleton

The Piano Lesson by August Wilson

The Piazza Tales by Herman Melville

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Pierce-Arrow by Susan Howe

Pierre by Herman Melville

Piers Plowman by William Langland

The Pilgrim by John Fletcher

The Pilgrim’s Progress by John Bunyan

The Plague by Albert Camus

The Planter’s Northern Bride by Caroline Lee Hentz

Plato’s Epistles by Plato

The Play of the Weather by John Heywood

Playing in the Dark: Whiteness and the Literary Imagination by Toni Morrison

Poems about God by John Crowe Ransom

Poems and Essays by Joseph Howe

The Poems of Alamgir Hashmi by Alamgir Hashmi

Poems of Alice and Phoebe Cary by Alice Cary

Poenulus by Plautus

Poetical Works by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Poetics by Aristotle

The Ponder Heart by Eudora Welty

The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James, Jr.

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce

Possessing the Secret of Joy by Alice Walker

Possession: A Romance by A.S. Byatt

The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club by Charles Dickens

Praisesong for the Widow by Paule Marshall

A Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving

The Prelude by William Wordsworth

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

La Priere De L’absent by Tahar Ben Jelloun

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie by Muriel Spark

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

The Prince and the Pauper by Mark Twain

La Prise d’Orange by Anonymous (International: Pre-1500)

Pro Caelio by Marcus Tullius Cicero

Pro Ligario by Marcus Tullius Cicero

The Professor’s House by Willa Cather

Project Moonbase by Robert A. Heinlein

Prometheus Bound by Aeschylus

Prometheus Unbound by P. B. Shelley

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran

Pseudolus by Plautus

Pudd’nhead Wilson by Mark Twain

Purple Flower by Marita Bonner Occomy

Le Quart Livre by Francois Rabelais

Quatrefoil by James Fugate

Rabbit Redux by John Updike

Radio Free Albemuth by

A Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry

Rambles in Germany and Italy in 1840, 1842, and 1843 by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Ramona by Helen Hunt Jackson

The Rape of Lucrece by William Shakespeare

The Rape of Shavi by Buchi Emecheta

The Rape of the Lock: An Heroi-Comical Poem by Alexander Pope

El Rapto del Santo Grial by Paloma Diaz Mas

Rasselas, Prince of Abyssinia by Samuel Johnson

Ratner’s Star by Don DeLillo

Ravelstein by Saul Bellow

The Razor’s Edge by W. Somerset Maugham

The Rebellion of the Children by Cristina Peri Rossi

A Recent Martyr by Valerie Martin

The Recognitions by William Gaddis

The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane

The Red Pony by John Steinbeck

Redgauntlet by Sir Walter Scott

Redwood by Catharine Maria Sedgwick

The Reef by Edith Wharton

Regeneration by Pat Barker

La Religieuse by Denis Diderot

The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro

Rene by Francois-Rene Chateaubriand

A Report to an Academy by Franz Kafka

The Republic by Plato

Republic by Plato

Return From the Stars by Stanislaw Lem

The Revenger’s Tragedy by Cyril Tourneur

Rhinoceros by Eugene Ionesco

Richard II by William Shakespeare

Richard III by William Shakespeare

Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey

Rime of the Ancient Mariner by Samuel Taylor Coleridge

The Rising Village by Oliver Goldsmith

Rites of Passage by Sir William Golding

Roaratorio: An Irish Circus on Finnegans Wake by John Cage

The Roaring Girl by Thomas Middleton & Thomas Dekker

The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood

The Rocking Chair, and Other Poems by A. M. Klein

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Romola by George Eliot

A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf

Rosemary’s Baby by Ira Levin

Rothschild’s Fiddle by Anton Chekhov

Roughing It by Mark Twain

Roughing It in the Bush; or, Life in Canada by Susanna Moodie

The Rover by Aphra Behn

The Ruines of Time by Edmund Spenser

Sabbath’s Theater by Philip Roth

Salome of the Tenements by Anzia Yezierska

The Salt Roads by Nalo Hopkinson

Saltwater Spirituals and Deeper Blues by George Elliott Clarke

Salvador by Joan Didion

The Same River Twice by Alice Walker

Samson Agonistes by John Milton

Sanctuary by Edith Wharton

Sanctuary by William Faulkner

The Sand Child by Tahar Ben Jelloun

Sapphira and the Slave Girl by Willa Cather

Sappho: One Hundred Lyrics by Bliss Carman

The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie

Satires of Circumstance by Thomas Hardy

Satyricon by Petronius

Savage Holiday by Richard Wright

Save Twilight by Julio Cortazar

A Scanner Darkly by

The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne

Scenes of Clerical Life by George Eliot

The SCUM Manifesto by Valerie Solanas

The Sea Came in at Midnight by Steve Erickson

The Sea-Wolf by Jack London

The Seagull by Anton Chekhov

The Second Coming by Walker Percy

The Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad

Seek! Selected Nonfiction by Rudy Rucker

Selected Poems by John Crowe Ransom

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

A Separate Peace by John Knowles

Serendipities: language and lunacy by Umberto Eco

Sermones by Horace

A Severed Head by Iris Murdoch

Shame by Salman Rushdie

Shirley by Charlotte Bronte

Short stories of Julio Cortazar by Julio Cortazar

Sight and Song by Michael Field

Silas Marner: The Weaver of Raveloe by George Eliot

A Simple Story by Elizabeth Inchbald

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight by Anonymous (British: Pre-1500)

Sister Carrie by Theodore Dreiser

Six Memos for the Next Millennium by Italo Calvino

Sketches, Old and New by Mark Twain

Skin Folk by Nalo Hopkinson

Slow Learner by Thomas Pynchon

Snow Falling on Cedars by David Guterson

Snow White by Donald Barthelme

Solaris by Stanislaw Lem

The Soldier Novels by Gene Wolfe

Somebody Else’s Mama by David Haynes

Song of Solomon by Toni Morrison

Song of the Lark by Willa Cather

Sonnets from an Ungrafted Tree by Edna St. Vincent Millay

Sophonisba by James Thomson

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice by Charles Johnson

The Sot-Weed Factor; or, A Voyage to Maryland by Eberezer Cooke

Soul Mountain by Xingjian Gao

Soul Mountain by Gao Xingjian & Xingjian Gao

The Souls of Black Folk by W. E. B. Du Bois

The Sound and the Fury by William Faulkner

South Street by David Bradley, Jr.

The Sovereignty and Goodness of God… Being a Narrative of the Captivity and Restauration of Mrs. Mary Rowlandson by Mary Rowlandson

The Spanish Fryar by John Dryden

A Spoil of Office by Hamlin Garland

The Spoils of Poynton by Henry James, Jr.

A Spy Upon the Conjurer by Eliza Haywood

The Spy: A Tale of the Neutral Ground by James Fenimore Cooper

The Squatter and the Don by Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton

St. Ronan’s Well by Sir Walter Scott

Starship Troopers by Robert A. Heinlein

The Stepford Wives by Ira Levin

Steppenwolf by Herman Hesse

Stone Butch Blues by Leslie Feinberg

by Christa Wolf

The Story of an African Farm by Olive Schreiner

Storyteller by Leslie Marmon Silko

The Storyteller by Mario Vargas Llosa

The Stranger by Albert Camus

Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert A. Heinlein

A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

Subterraneans by Jack Kerouac

Sula by Toni Morrison

Summer by Edith Wharton

Summer Will Show by Sylvia Townsend Warner

The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Miller Hemingway

Sun and Moon, and Other Poems by Alamgir Hashmi

Sunblue by Margaret Avison

Suppliant Maidens by Aeschylus

The Surrounded by D’Arcy McNickle

Sweet Thursday by John Steinbeck

Sybil by Benjamin Disraeli

Synners by Pat Cadigan

The Tablets by Armand Schwerner

Tales of Burning Love by Louise Erdrich

Tales of the City by Armistead Maupin

Tamburlaine the Great by Christopher Marlowe

The Taming of the Shrew by William Shakespeare

Tar Baby by Toni Morrison

Tarzan of the Apes by Edgar Rice Burroughs

Teacher Man by Frank McCourt

The Tempest by William Shakespeare

A Tempest by Aime Cesaire

The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker

The Tenant of Wildfell Hall by Anne Bronte

Tender Is the Night by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Tenebrae by Geoffrey Hill

Tent of Miracles by Jorge Amado

The Tenure of Kings and Magistrates by John Milton

Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy

The Testament of Orpheus by Jean Cocteau

Tetrachordon by John Milton

Their Eyes Were Watching God by Zora Neale Hurston

There Are More Things by Jorge Luis Borges

Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe

The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

The Third Violet by Stephen Crane

This Time in Lahore: New Poems by Alamgir Hashmi

A Thousand Acres by Jane Smiley

The Thousand and One Nights by Anonymous (International: Pre-1500)

The Three Sisters by Anton Chekhov

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by

Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll

Thyrza by George Gissing

Time and the Wind by Erico Verissimo

The Time Machine by H. G. Wells

Time Must Stop by Aldous Huxley

The Time of the Hero by Mario Vargas Llosa

Time Out of Joint by

Time’s Arrow; Or, The Nature of the Offense by Martin Amis

Timon of Athens by William Shakespeare

Tintin au Congo by Georges Remi

‘Tis by Frank McCourt

Titus Andronicus by William Shakespeare

To a God Unknown by John Steinbeck

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

To the Lighthouse by Virginia Woolf

Tony’s Story by Leslie Marmon Silko

Tortilla Flat by John Steinbeck

The Tragedie of Bonduca by John Fletcher

The Tragic Muse by Henry James, Jr.

A Tramp Abroad by Mark Twain

The Travel Diaries of Xu Xiake by Xu Xiake

The Trial by Franz Kafka

Trilby by George Du Maurier

Tristia by Ovid

Tristram Shandy by Laurence Sterne

Troades by Euripides

Troilus and Cressida by William Shakespeare

Troilus and Criseyde by Geoffrey Chaucer

Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt

The Turn of the Screw by Henry James, Jr.

Twelfth Night by William Shakespeare

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

Two Gentlemen in Bonds by John Crowe Ransom

The Two Gentlemen of Verona by William Shakespeare

The Two Noble Kinsmen by John Fletcher & William Shakespeare

2001: A Space Odyssey by Arthur C. Clarke

Typee by Herman Melville

Ulysses by James Joyce

The Unclassed by George Gissing

Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Under My Skin: Volume One of My Autobiography, to 1949 by Doris Lessing

Under the Ice by Alden Nowlan

Under the Net by Iris Murdoch

Under the Volcano by Malcolm Lowry

Utopia by Sir Thomas More

V., A Novel by Thomas Pynchon


Valperga by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley

Vanity Fair by William Makepeace Thackeray

Venus and Adonis by William Shakespeare

The Vicar of Wakefield by Oliver Goldsmith

The Victorian House and Other Poems by Philip Child

View of the Present State of Ireland by Edmund Spenser

Villette by Charlotte Bronte

The Vindication of the Rights of Men by Mary Wollstonecraft

A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft

Vineland by Thomas Pynchon

The Virgin and The Gipsy by D. H. Lawrence

The Voices of the Dead by Autran Dourado

Le Voile Noir by Anny Duperey

Volpone by Ben Jonson

Voyages Extraordinaires by Jules Verne

Wacousta by John Richardson

Waiting for Godot by Samuel Beckett

Walden by Henry David Thoreau

Walking in the Shade: Volume Two of My Autobiography, to 1962 by Doris Lessing

Wallstein by Benjamin Constant

War and Other Measures by Gary Geddes

War and Peace by Count Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy

The War of the Worlds by H. G. Wells

Was bleibt (What Remains and other Stories) by Christa Wolf

Wasps by Aristophanes

The Waste Land by T. S. Eliot

Watch and Ward by Henry James, Jr.

Watchmen by Alan Moore

The Watsons by Jane Austen

Watt by Samuel Beckett

Waverley by Sir Walter Scott

The Waves by Virginia Woolf

A Way in the World by V.S. Naipaul

The Ways of White Folks by Langston Hughes

What We Talk About When We Talk About Love by Raymond Carver

The White Man’s Burden by Rudyard Kipling

White Noise by Don DeLillo

Who Would Have Thought It? by Maria Amparo Ruiz de Burton

Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf by Edward Albee

The Whore of Babylon by Thomas Dekker

Wide Sargasso Sea by Jean Rhys

The Wide, Wide World by Susan Warner

Wieland, or the Transformation: An American Tale by Charles Brockden Brown

Wife by Bharati Mukherjee

The Wild Duck by Henrik Ibsen

The Wild Irish Boy by Charles Robert Maturin

The Wild Palms by William Faulkner

A Wild Sheep Chase by Haruki Murakami

The Wind Our Enemy by Anne Marriott

The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami

The Wings of the Dove by Henry James, Jr.

Winnie-the-Pooh by A. A. Milne

Winona by Pauline Hopkins

Winter Sun by Margaret Avison

The Winter’s Tale by William Shakespeare

Wise Blood by Flannery O’Connor

With Her in Ourland by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

A Woman at Point Zero by Nawal El Saadawi

Woman Between Mirrors by

Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories by Sandra Cisneros

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins

The Woman of Andros by Thornton Wilder

Woman on the Edge of Time by Marge Piercy

The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood among Ghosts by Maxine Hong Kingston

Women and Economics by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Women in Love by D. H. Lawrence

The Women Of Trachis by Sophocles

Women, Beware Women by Thomas Middleton

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

The Woodlanders by Thomas Hardy

The World According to Garp by John Irving

The Worlds of Muslim Imagination by Alamgir Hashmi

The Wrongs of Woman, or Maria by Mary Wollstonecraft

Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte

Yawar Fiesta by Jose Maria Arguedas

Yekl by Abraham Cahan

The Yellow Wallpaper by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Yellow Woman and a Beauty of the Spirit: Essays on Native American Life Today by Leslie Marmon Silko

The Yemassee by William Gilmore Simms

You Can’t Keep a Good Woman Down by Alice Walker

Zanoni by Baron Edward Bulwer Lytton

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