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Accountants hold perhaps one of the most important roles in a business. They perform important tasks like keeping track of finances, analyzing patterns, and finding ways to save money and make more profit. They also figure out places to cut costs and they could be a part of major decision-making in the company. In short, an accountant’s post has good reasons for being a sought-after job. 

Accounting courses are therefore gaining popularity in recent times. Students are looking toward getting degrees in accountancy because of the value that an accountancy certification brings. Newer options have made this degree easier to obtain, with students no longer having to compromise their work or personal life for it. Online degree options allow you to study with flexible timings and give you the freedom to choose full-time or part-time courses according to your convenience. 

When choosing an accounting course, it is important for you to look at the options you have, and choose a degree program based on what you require and intend to pursue career-wise. 

These are some of the degree options that you can consider. 

Certificate or Diploma in Accounting

A certificate or diploma in accounting is a concise course that will introduce you to the basic principles and concepts in accounting. With practical exposure and helpful tips and lessons, it will lay the foundation for you to become familiar with the concepts and practices in accountancy. 

A diploma program could take around a year to complete, while a certificate course may be shorter (around six months lesser). It will introduce you to core concepts in accountancy, including basics and hands-on practice. Although it may not hold as much value as a bachelor’s or master’s degree, a diploma or certificate course can prepare you for a career in accounting and increase your chances of getting started in the field. 

Associate's Degree in Accounting

An associate’s degree in accounting introduces you to concepts and lessons beyond the basics that a diploma or certificate course would introduce you to. Here, you will earn course credits that can be transferred to a bachelor’s degree program. An associate’s degree in accounting will prepare you for jobs in clerical areas or bookkeeping. It helps you get a firmer grasp of accounting concepts and practices that help you move further in your studies.

Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting

A bachelor’s degree gives you the standard educational requirements you need to secure a mid-level accounting job. It offers an in-depth study of concepts, from the fundamentals to math and the intricacies of accountancy. A bachelor’s degree also gives you the option of specializing in a particular field in accountancy like forensic accounting and internal auditing.

Master’s Degree in Accounting

If you’re aiming for top-level positions in your career, then a master’s degree is a good option. Here, you will learn more theory and the practical aspects of accounting that can prove useful in your job. Along with advanced courses in topics that may already have been covered in your bachelor’s degree, you can also specialize in areas that support your career interests. 

A master’s degree will further add value to your resume, ensuring you are better prepared to work in the field. Since accountancy positions are in demand, they have also become competitive, which means a master’s degree will give you a competitive advantage. 

MBA in Accounting

While a master’s in accounting prepares you for work in the field of accounting in particular, an MBA has wider scope. It includes areas of management and business skills that an ordinary master’s degree in accounting course would not cover. 

An MBA qualifies you to work in business. It further helps you contribute more to the company. It will help you show more credentials, expose you to different aspects of running a business, build interpersonal relations, manage finances and stocks, and help you participate in decision-making. It is also beneficial for those interested in entrepreneurship.

Doctorate Degree in Accounting

A doctorate in accounting is ideal for those who wish to study further, increase their knowledge, and become experts in the field of accounting. With a doctorate degree, you can secure consultancy posts and better jobs. As opposed to many other doctorate degrees, a degree in accounting will develop your professional expertise and it is not limited to a teaching job with a focus only on research. 

There are a variety of degrees available in this field and many promising career options on graduation. Once you’ve decided what your career plan is and which area of accountancy you intend to get into, you can choose an appropriate degree and get started.

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